Things to Create With Report

by: William Meikle –> –> Science-Fiction is becoming so much element of our tradition that designs from it are around us, in picture, Television, computer games and music. Usage to the mainstream makes science-fiction equally simple to promote, and hard to write without seeming tired. Continue reading

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Argumentative Research Topics

Here we’re providing you some advice for creating an article that’s powerful within the general public. Below are a few tips that may aid write an outstanding composition. There are nevertheless, a few techniques to follow that may allow you to write a leading article. Another tip is you must always create the article to the point without information which is perhaps not affecting this issue of the essay. Creating analytical essays isn’t an effortless undertaking and hence pupils have to get support from on-line essay writing companies. Continue reading

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What Is An Investigation Paper Outline

There are numerous approaches to compose a thesis. Instructors may guide their individuals to publishing dissertation statements for high-school documents, by after this easy, detail by detail procedure. Discuss to Produce Key Points for Article Pupils should see their article like a sort of argument. A posture should be clearly identified by a thesis statement in this controversy which prepares viewers for the essay’s material. Learners can use a number of of the following ways of state tips they could want to discover, to start brainstorming. Continue reading

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Top Ten Gestures Tips

Whether you’re an aspiring movie critic who would like to break into print or you’re given to create an essay on your video appreciation course, knowing some of the elements natural within this medium can be as significant to be able to articulate what you loved and did not like of a unique movie’s content. A film analysis essay contrasts the film to others with similar designs and to prior functions by the exact same representative and/or personalities and frequently analyzes along with evaluating the merits of the task itself. Continue reading

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New People for the Summer

photoJFanna fong

James Bernstein from The Buckley School, Jie-Fu ‘Jeff’ Chen from the National Taiwan University School of Medicine, and Anna Fong from UC Berkeley will be joining us this summer.


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New Undergrad Parham Peyda


The group has a new undergrad working with us, Parham Peyda. He is a freshman in the department of Chemistry at UCLA.


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New Postdoc Yu-Sheng (Eason) Hsiao


The group has a new postdoc working with us for a year, Dr. Yu-Sheng (Eason) Hsiao. He is a Materials Science PhD from National Chiao Tung University


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Riken’s Press Release from Our Capture and Stimulated Release of Circulating Tumor Cells


Scientists from the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute in Japan and University of California Los Angeles report a new nanoscale Velcro-like device that captures and releases tumor cells that have broken away from primary tumors and are circulating in the bloodstream.This new nanotechnology could be used for cancer diagnosis and give insight into the mechanisms of how cancer spreads throughout the body. The device provides a convenient and non-invasive alternative to biopsy, the current method for diagnosis of metastatic cancer. It could enable doctors to detect tumor cells that circulate in cancer patients’ blood well before they subsequently colonize as tumors in other organs. The device also enables researchers to keep the tumor cells alive and subsequently study them.

Anti-EpCAM present at 37 degrees

The device was developed by a team led by Hsiao-hua Yu from the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute in Japan and Hsian-Rong Tseng from the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at the University of California Los Angeles, in research published online today in the journalAdvanced Materials.

Similar cell-capture devices have been reported but this technology is unique in that it is capable of catching the tumor cells with great efficiency and releasing them with great cell viability. Blood is passed through the device like a filter that contains a molecule capable of adhering to tumor cells like Velcro and separating them with efficiency ranging from 40% to 70%. The cancer cells are retained by tiny temperature-responsive polymer brushes inside the device. At 37 degrees Celsius, these polymer brushes stick to the tumor cells, but when cooled to 4 degrees Celsius, they release them, allowing scientists to examine the cells.

“Until now, most devices have demonstrated the ability to capture circulating tumor cells with high efficiency. However, it is equally important to release these captured cells, to preserve and study them in order to obtain insightful information about them. This is the big difference with our device.” Explains Hsiao-hua Yu, who led the team that developed the technique to coat the device with polymer brushes.

Press Release: New technology allows scientists to capture and preserve cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream

Research Article: Capture and Stimulated Release of Circulating Tumor Cells on Polymer-Grafted Silicon Nanostructures


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Press Release for our circulating melanoma paper


Still doing my best to get the website caught up. In February UCLA released a press release from our Melanoma paper. This is the second work where I am a corresponding author. :)

Press Release: UCLA researchers further refine ‘NanoVelcro’ device to grab single cancer cells from blood

Research Paper: Polymer Nanofiber-Embedded Microchips for Detection, Isolation, and Molecular Analysis of Single Circulating Melanoma Cells


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Our CTC Technology Featured in Nature


Linked below is an article in the Feb-7 issue of Nature, in which the latest development of our group’s CTC enrichment technology was highlighted.

I thought you might be interested in reading it.

Tracking metastasis and tricking cancer by Vivien Marx


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